When to Bring A Criminal Law Attorney on to Your Case

criminal attorneyIf you find yourself charged with a crime, you will be wondering what will happen next. Since consequences can include jail sentences, fines, and much more, it is crucial you have expert legal representation. Thus, always hire an attorney who specializes in criminal law to guide you through the complexities that will be encountered.


Protect Your Rights
When you are suspected of a crime, police are usually determined to get a quick confession. Thus, they may take a number of shortcuts to scare and intimidate you into saying things that can be used against you. Always say you want an attorney and then remain silent.  To make sure you understand your rights each step of the way, always work with Salt Lake City criminal attorneys from InfiniTeam Legal Solutions. By having an attorney present during questioning, you will be guided through the stressful process.


Not a Public Defender
While public defenders do excellent jobs in many cases, the fact is they are often overworked and have little time to devote to the specifics of your case. Because of this, they are often more concerned about wrapping up your case as fast as possible. When this happens, you may be advised to plead guilty or accept a plea bargain that may not be your best option. Thus, have a criminal law attorney working for you who has the time to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and much more to prove your innocence.


For those who choose to bypass an attorney and instead represent themselves during criminal proceedings, the results are rarely good. Since they know little about the law, prosecutors can take advantage of their weaknesses. Rather than make this mistake, always rely on skilled criminal law attorneys to represent you in court.

If you are in need of legal representation against criminal charges, contact the knowledgeable Salt Lake City criminal attorneys at InfiniTeam Legal Solutions immediately to schedule a consultation.

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