So far so good

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June 30, 2016

Let Aaron run the show. He will answer your call even on the weekend. He knows exactly what to do step by step. Let him do his job and he will aim for the best possible outcome. he is curently assisting me with my DV case in Utah

– Daniel

Great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recommend to everyone

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February 7, 2016

We hired a lawyer for my DV charge and my wife. For months the lawyers didn’t call us back and then we had court and we were worried that the lawyer wouldn’t come to court. At court a different lawyer this time Aaron Nielson came in. He said the law firm we hired had hired him to handle the case just that day. He gave us his business card and cell phone number. He went in and talked to the other attorneys and then said that they were dismissing the charges because my wife and I were not fighting and my wife told the prosecutor she wasn’t going to testify against me. It was horrible with the first attorney and I’m glad that they couldn’t do the case and got me Nielson instead. The old attorneys said the case was super complicated and I would have to go to court several times and go to trial. They said there was no chance of the court dropping the charges. You can tell they didn’t know anything and they charged me everything. All the old firm cared about was money. They kept asking how much money I had and where I could get more and if I had family and credit cards. They had me max out my credit card and checking account and then they never talked to me again. Mr. Nielson said they were wrong and I should complain but in the end I’m glad we got that lawyer we got because he got the case closed on one day. We will never go back to that other company but we will recommend Aaron Nielson as often as we can

– Marquist

Criminal Defense advice session

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January 6, 2016

I was contacted within minutes. as a result of our conversation I was able to find an affirmative defense. its time and money well spent.

– anonymous

Criminal Defense advice session

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December 15, 2015

Call was prompt, all my questioned were answered clearly, and he was very respectful. Thanks again!

– anonymous

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