This is not a complete list of all of our cases and their outcomes. This list includes some highlights and some outcomes that might be of interest to you in making your decision. Not every case is a win. I have had multiple juries come back and convict my clients in addition to some that have been split or those that found my clients not guilty. Sometimes we go to trial just because we have a right to do so and it is the government’s responsibility to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Sometimes a person has nothing to lose by going to trial so that is the best option. Many others choose to negotiate a case. We explore all options with you so that you can select the option that is in your best interest.

A Former Judge was about to be sentenced for his 6th DUI when he was charged with DUIs 7 and 8 along with other charges. Based on the history and enhancement law these charges should have each been felonies and prison was a possibility. Through negotiations, multiple charges were dropped and the client was only convicted of misdemeanor offenses. The sentence was house arrest with ankle monitoring allowing for the client to still work, go to court, treatment, medical appointments and other activities approved by the court or his probation supervisor.

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At a trial for Domestic Violence Assault and Domestic Violence in the Presence of a child we successfully argued against the Domestic Violence relationship. The jury agreed that the state did not prove the relationship so the client was convicted of a simple assault but the Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence in the Presence of a Child were dismissed.

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In an adversarial proceeding (like a bench trial) in Bankruptcy Court, the Creditor was trying to prove that my client should not be able to file bankruptcy and wipe out the money owed to them. During the proceeding we made a motion for a directed verdict arguing that the Creditor had not proved any fraud or valid reasons to not let my client file bankruptcy and the judge agreed. That meant that halfway through the hearing the judge stopped the case and based on our argument dismissed the case.

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At a Bench Trial in Justice Court, client was charged with multiple domestic violence charges including DV Assault, DV Criminal Mischief and Disorderly Conduct. The judge found my client Not Guilty on all charges.

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I don’t usually handle small claims cases but I agreed to this one. The client had already had a trial in the justice court and the other party appealed the decision using the de novo appeal option to the district court. The client that contacted me hadn’t been represented by an attorney but the other side was and the trial was scheduled to happen in just over 2 weeks. The deadlines for discovery and motions had all passed but I took on the case expecting that the judge would understand and give me a chance to get caught up on the case. I was wrong, the judge would not change the deadlines and made us go forward with the trial as scheduled. The client I was representing was a roofing contractor and the other party was suing him alleging the roof was defective and they wanted my client to pay for the new and much more expensive roof they had placed on plus almost the same amount in attorney fees to bring this lawsuit. With only a short time to prepare and in an area of the law I had not previously dealt with we went forward with the trial and won.

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