Misdemeanor v Felony Consequences: Why You Need a Lawyer for Both

misdemeanorThousands of serious crimes are committed every year in Salt Lake City and elsewhere in Utah. Some of these are considered misdemeanor offenses and others are felonies. Those convicted of either offense face harsh penalties and the ruination of their personal lives, which is why those charged with such crimes need the assistance of criminal defense attorneys in SLC. They can find such help from InfiniTeam Legal Solutions.

Misdemeanor Offenses
A misdemeanor is considered less serious than a felony, although it can still be applied to certain violent acts, including domestic abuse. Other misdemeanors include property theft, driving while under the influence and the possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia. Utah divides misdemeanors into different categories, each with different levels of punishment. The most serious misdemeanor offenses can result in up to a year in jail and a maximum fine of $2,500. Salt Lake City criminal lawyers can provide assistance to those charged with such crimes.

Felony Offenses
These major offenses include homicide, aggravated assault and certain types of theft. Felony offenses also have different categories and, as with misdemeanors, involve progressively higher fines and longer terms of incarceration. In Utah, the most serious felony is considered a capital offense, which can result in a sentence of life imprisonment or the imposition of the death penalty. Defendants who face felony charges will require the services of Salt Lake City criminal lawyers in order to protect their freedoms or even to save their lives.

The Rights of Criminal Defendants
The U.S. Constitution guarantees that those charged with crimes have the right to legal representation. Criminal defense attorneys in SLC have the expertise to represent those facing either felony or misdemeanor charges. This is why anyone charged with either type of crime should consider turning to the services available from InfiniTeam Legal Solutions.

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