Driving Under the Influence: Can You Lose Your License?

duiThe potential for losing driving privileges is never a positive situation for anyone receiving a DUI citation, and contemporary state court systems like Utah take into account driving under the influence of any substance that could impair cognizant abilities while behind the wheel. This could essentially happen to any driver after being stopped. While there are no definitive tests for impairment level for certain drugs as there is for alcohol, all prosecutors must typically prove is that the chemical was present in the blood system or the arresting officer testimony indicates observance of impairment. And, all states have enhanced their penalties for those who are convicted of a DUI. Chief among the penalties following a conviction in Utah is the suspension of driving privileges for a significant amount of time, even for a first offense. The associates at InfiniTeam Legal Solutions Salt Lake City DUI lawyers understand this dilemma for those accused of impaired driving, and we work diligently in providing a strong defense for our clients.

What a DUI Attorney Can Do

Cases involving alcohol impairment can be difficult to defend in Utah, as the BAC level for legal impairment is .05% instead of the standard .08% in other states. This is specific evidence that must be obtained using an acceptable breathalyzer that has up-to-date calibration records. A failure to maintain an analysis machine can actually be a line of defense in some cases, as all evidence must be obtained according to designated rules. This can be vital when losing a driver’s license is a possibility. In addition, cases involving impairment of other chemicals can be an issue of officer testimony and observance when no chemical tests have been performed. Your legal team can inspect all evidence for proper acquisition, including questioning the arresting officer, and build a solid case for reasonable doubt.

License Suspension Periods in Utah

Never assume your DUI case cannot be defended. Utah residents should always call InfiniTeam Legal Solutions Salt Lake City DUI lawyers for aggressive representation when facing a DUI conviction.

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