Criminal Court Do's and Don'ts

criminal courtSince the vast majority of people never set foot inside criminal court, they have little idea of what to expect. Unlike what they have seen on television or in movies, reality is different than fiction. If you are preparing for your day in criminal court, here are some tips to remember that will help the process go much smoother.

Always Hire an Attorney
If you have a hearing scheduled in criminal court, always have experienced and knowledgeable legal representation by your side. Otherwise, you may make critical mistakes that could result in severe consequences against you. To keep this from happening, rely on criminal attorneys in SLC from InfiniTeam Legal Solutions.

Never Represent Yourself
Even if you have watched every episode of Law and Order, never choose to represent yourself in criminal court. Since judges and prosecutors are experienced and know all aspects of the law, you will quickly find yourself outmatched and making one mistake after another. Even experienced criminal law attorneys do not represent themselves in court and there are important legal reasons for that.

Dress Appropriately

You do not need to wear a suit or dress to court but you do need to look respectful. No hats, shorts, tank-tops, short skirts, flip flops, half shirts, T Shirts with offensive or questionable pictures or slogans (marijuana leaf, vulgarity, political, nudity) or dirty or damaged clothing. Some courts will give you a break for dressing up as it is a sign of respect, so maybe a suit isn’t a bad idea.


Do Not Speak in Court Without Your Attorney’s Permission

You hired an attorney to speak for you. Stay quiet and let the attorney work. Don’t say something in court without your attorney already knowing what you will say. If you have questions, ask your attorney and not the judge. Don’t interrupt your attorney or the judge while they are speaking. Signal your attorney if you need to talk and after you’ve discussed it with the attorney, the attorney can address the issue with the judge if needed.


Keep Your Emotions in Check
When involved in criminal court hearings, it is extremely important you keep your emotions in check from beginning to end. If you speak, never raise your voice. Even if testimony against you is untruthful or you feel prosecutors have it in for you, never give in to your emotions and display anger or outbursts that could be used against you. Instead, listen to your attorney and allow them to defend you in the best possible manner.

Never Miss a Hearing
If you decide not to show up for a criminal court hearing, you will likely be sorry. If you are a defendant, the court will likely issue a warrant for your arrest. Therefore, always show up for any and all hearings.

To make sure you understand exactly how to proceed in criminal court, rely on knowledgeable criminal attorneys in SLC from InfiniTeam Legal Solutions.

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