Criminal Charges: How to Begin Building Your Case

criminal chargesHaving criminal charges brought against you can be incredibly frightening and stressful. You can, however, take active steps to build a better defense to yourself. According to the Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys at InfiniTeam Legal Solutions, taking the steps below can help you to begin building your case.


The best place to start is with your attorney. Give him or her all the information that you can and answer any questions to the best of your ability. Your lawyer will not be able to help you build a strong case if he or she does not have all the necessary facts, so take this time to be as honest as possible. Your attorney is not here to judge you – he or she is there to provide you with a zealous defense. No matter what you think of the information, your attorney may well find it very useful.


Your next step is to go dark in terms of public communication. You do not want to do anything that might impact your case, so try to keep to yourself. If you are out on bail and still working, don’t comment on the case. If you are at home, make sure that you stay off social media – even if others are trying to bait you into participating. Your goal is to give the prosecution as little as possible to work with, so don’t start volunteering information simply because you are at home.


Working with Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys is the best way to give yourself a fighting chance once you’ve been charged with a crime. Make sure not to comment on the case to anyone but your lawyer, and to be as honest as possible when giving your attorney information. When you’re ready to get the help you deserve, make sure to contact an attorney at InfiniTeam Legal Solutions.

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