How Can My DUI Attorney Help My Case?

June 11, 2019

A DUI can quickly change your life. If you’re interested in minimizing those changes, you can’t simply plead guilty to the charge and hope for the best. Instead, you need the help of a skilled attorney. According to the Salt Lake City DUI lawyers at InfiniTeam Legal Solutions, a good attorney can help you in… Read more »

Examples of Criminal Law Cases: How An Attorney Can Help

June 05, 2019

If you have had criminal charges filed against you, the consequences could be serious. From murder and embezzlement to theft and other crimes, punishments can include prison, fines, years of probation, loss of professional licensing, and more. Because of this, it is crucial you hire an attorney who specializes in criminal law. By doing so,… Read more »

What is the Legal Limit for BAC in Utah?

June 04, 2019

If you plan to drink alcohol in the state of Utah, make sure never to drive. The governor of Utah recently signed a bill into law that lowers the legal BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) limit to 0.05. This is the lowest BAC limit in the country. You should also be aware that the law also… Read more »

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