DUIs in Utah: What Are the Consequences?

January 10, 2020

When it comes to DUI laws, Utah has perhaps the strictest in the nation. Under state law, a person is legally drunk if their BAC is .05 or higher. In addition, the state has a “not a drop” law, meaning anyone under age 21 is prohibited from driving if they have any alcohol in their… Read more »

Felony Charges and How to Pursue a Case

January 03, 2020

If you find yourself facing felony charges, you know the seriousness of what is in front of you. Along with being pressured by police and prosecutors to confess to a crime you may not have committed, you will be staring at a possible prison sentence and large fines. However, though it may seem as if… Read more »

What Repeat Offenses Do to My License

December 27, 2019

If you have been caught and charged for repeated offenses, you could end up paying the price with your driver’s license. When you’re charged with an offense, such as a DUI for example, you might have your license suspended or revoked. Being charged with multiple offenses, however, can lead to your license being suspended for… Read more »

Misdemeanor v Felonies & Why You Need a Lawyer for Both

December 20, 2019

The fact that a criminal charge may not rise to the level of a felony does not necessarily mean it is a good decision to plead guilty immediately. Even a conviction on a misdemeanor charge can establish a criminal history for those with no prior violations of the law, and those with a prior history… Read more »

Why You Need a Lawyer When Charged with a Sex Crime

December 13, 2019

No matter the sex crime you are accused of, you need attorneys who can handle plaintiffs with care as they protect and defend your legal rights. In Utah, categories of sex crimes climb from misdemeanors with penalties of fines and a few months in jail to first class felonies with sentences up to life imprisonment…. Read more »

DUI Case Going to Trial? What to Do Next

December 06, 2019

If you have been arrested for DUI and find your case going to trial, you likely wonder what might happen once your case gets in front of a judge. While you may think you will automatically be found guilty and face jail sentences and huge fines, that is not always the case. In fact, many… Read more »

Busted for Drugs Again? What Consequences Lie Ahead

November 18, 2019

Utah has very strict laws when it comes to controlled substances, and any person arrested for any kind of drug crime could be facing some very serious penalties. People who have prior drug offenses on their criminal record can be especially at risk of consequences that become even more severe. If you or your loved… Read more »

Appealing a DUI Charge: How a Lawyer Can Help

November 11, 2019

Getting convicted of a DUI is an incredibly serious matter. It can quite literally change your life and the consequences can last for decade. If you need to appeal your conviction, it’s vital that you do not try to do so on your own. According to the Salt Lake City DUI attorney at InfiniTeam Legal… Read more »

Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer in Utah

November 04, 2019

If you have recently been charged with any type of criminal charge in Utah, it is critical for you to seek legal representation. Luckily, our criminal defense lawyer in Salt Lake can help you with your case, no matter what types of charges you might be facing. If you are wondering why it’s so important… Read more »

Why You Need an Attorney for Theft Charges

October 28, 2019

Being charged with any type of crime is always a big concern that you need to take seriously. This is especially true if you are charged with theft as you could be face penalties that include serious fines and even imprisonment. If you are charged with theft in the area, it is always a good… Read more »

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