Criminal law can cover small items like your grass is too long, a parking ticket all the way up to serious crimes like rape and murder. The less serious crimes like speeding, shoplifting, public intoxication, minor drug offenses and some DUIs are heard in the Justice Courts. More serious crimes like repeated drug cases, DUIs, thefts, domestic violence can be heard in the District Court. While a first or second offense for drugs, DUIs, theft, domestic violence and others may start off in Justice Courts, with repeated offenses the possible penalties increase and so does the jurisdiction.



Bankruptcy is not a position that people want to find themselves in. Despite what we see on the news about people abusing the system to get out of paying their debts, most people wait much longer than they should before filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a legal way to resolve some of your debts.  If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer afford to pay your necessary living expenses (food, rent, clothes, transportation, utilities, medical) and you have other non-necessary debts (credit cards, old medical, past judgments, repossessed cars, anything you are paying for you no longer have, use or need.)



While we focus on Criminal Defense and Bankruptcy Law we do handle a few other common issues for clients. Depending on your situation we might be able to help with some of these other areas:

  • Wills, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directives and other basic legal documents.
  • Student Loans



Aaron Nielson

Experience and Trust Built Through
the Years

Aaron Nielson brings business, financial and legal perspective to your case, thanks to a Bachelors degree in Business Management and a Juris Doctorate in Law.

His extensive background as a lawyer includes resolution of thousands of cases including hundreds of trials. Trials include cases for Traffic, DUIs, Domestic Violence, Theft, Drugs, Bankruptcy and more. Aaron has been involved with training and advising new attorneys and police officers.

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One wrong move and everything can fall apart. All of the pieces come together when you meet Aaron Nielson. Having handled thousands of cases and hundreds of trials, our experience is matched only with our genuine desire to help.

Our focus is on bankruptcy and criminal defense (this includes DUI and Domestic Violence) cases because they have something in common: they all let us help good people that are struggling. If that includes you, contact Aaron Nielson.

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We are a debt relief agency.
We help people file for bankruptcy
relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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