Aaron Nielson Law

At Aaron Nielson Law our focus is helping our clients with the most difficult times of their lives.  No one ever wants to find themselves in need of these services but if you’ve found yourself in any of these situations then call for help.

  • Criminal Law – If you’ve been charged with or are being investigated for a crime you need an attorney.  Any charge can have serious impact on your future.  Don’t assume that you’ve done something wrong and just plead guilty.  We can always review the evidence and make sure the state can prove their case.  If the evidence is there then we can talk about reducing the impact to you and your future.  That could be going to trial or could be negotiating a resolution.  Talk to us and learn what options are available.
  • Bankruptcy / Finance – If you are not able to pay your monthly bills, if you are having to get pay day loans to survive, if you are pawning your items to survive, if someone has a judgment against you, if your paycheck or bank accounts are being garnished, you need to talk to an attorney.  Maybe bankruptcy is the answer but even if it is not you need a plan.  Talk to us.
  • Divorce / Family Law – Sometimes things are just over.  If you are considering divorce call for a free consultation.  Make sure you are treated fair and get a fair resolution to your case.  Property settlements, division of bills, child support & alimony, visitation rights, retirement and more can become an issue.  Don’t handle legal issues on your own.  Call us for help.

Throughout law school and then in to my career I often heard lawyers repeating this saying:  “An attorney that represents themselves has a fool for a client.”  Attorneys are aware or should be reminded that no one should handle legal issues on their own, not even lawyers.  You need an attorney that is trained in your particular area of need.  You need someone not personally involved with the issue to provide rational and unbiased opinions and advise throughout your case.  That’s what you get when hiring us as your attorney.